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Beautiful Me Beautiful Me
Surrounded by fine melon fragrance you will love yourself for the whole day. We have created a beautiful combination of our superstar Rotalge, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. Your face will be treated three times with valuable moisture and...
Content 50 ml
€34.99 *
Girls Gotta Glow Girls Gotta Glow
This Hyaluron serum is our pride, treat your skin to this special moment. We have combined hyaluronic acid and panthenol with the power of the algae to give your skin the full potential of moisture and a perfect freshness experience. In...
Content 50 ml
€19.99 *
Scrub Me Salty Scrub Me Salty
You want to provide your facial care with a flawless foundation? We have something for you. High-quality algae extracts combine with a gentle exfoliation and give you a radiant, lightening and alert complexion. Your dead skin cells are...
Content 100 ml
€29.99 *
The Ultimate Fountain Of Youth The Ultimate Fountain Of Youth
Look forward to something very special. From the depths of the oceans we have recovered the power of the algae and combined with kaolin and kieselguhr in this unique peel-off mask. This spectacular combination gives you a fresh, fresh...
Content 22 Gramm
€24.99 *
Deep Sea Miracle Elixir - Regeneration Deep Sea Miracle Elixir - Regeneration
For your natural look we use the effect of one of the most precious species of algae in the world. The blue freshwater microalgae AFA. It is also called blue retinol because of its ability to increase cell differentiation and profiling....
Content 30 ml
€19.99 *
Deep Sea Miracle Elixir - Cell Activation Deep Sea Miracle Elixir - Cell Activation
Your style is strong, confident and healthy. You challenge yourself in everyday life and need a cosmetic tool what your skin quickly and effectively returns a perfect look? The extract of the microalga Undaria pinnatifida is an...
Content 30 ml
€19.99 *
Glow and Shine Set Glow and Shine Set
With this set, in just two steps, you can create the perfect care base for a natural and glamorous look. After you have cleaned your face, you provide your skin with valuable hyaluronic acid, a real freshness. This effectively balances...
€49.99 * €54.98 *
Me-Myself-And-I Set Me-Myself-And-I Set
The set includes our Seaweed Facial Scrub SCRUB ME SALTY to gently cleanse your face. With our algae Hyaluron Serum GIRLS GOTTA GLOW you gently smooth your skin and provide it with valuable moisture. With the day cream BEAUTIFUL ME you...
€74.99 * €84.97 *
All 4 You Set All 4 You Set
Look forward to the "All 4 You" set. We have combined your favorites in one set and put together a perfect course of treatment for you. The powerful natural ingredients provide you with the right product for every care step - for the...
€94.99 * €109.96 *
Bring The Ocean To You Bring The Ocean To You
Mit diesem Set haben wir alle wertvollen Pflegelieblinge für dich zusammengestellt. Deine Haut war noch nie so weich, natürlich und besonders. In jedem dieser Produkte verarbeiten wir den Superstar des Meeres – die Alge. Sie ist ein...
€124.99 * €149.94 *