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Keep the oceans blue

We love the sea and its treasures and want our oceans and the diversity on our planet to remain with us for a long time to come.

Pure ocean skincare

We prefer to work with natural, environmentally friendly and renewable ingredients and deliberately avoid environmentally harmful microplastics.

For our packaging, we rely on the principle of reduce, reuse, recycle:

Made in Germany

From the idea to the salted product in your bathroom: our cosmetics are developed and manufactured with love in Germany, so that unnecessarily long transport routes are avoided.

Eco-friendly packaging

We believe in the circular economy and therefore use recyclable bottles and jars for our products, preferably made from materials that have already been recycled. A high level of residual emptying of the containers is also important to us, so that we waste as little as possible. Step by step, we are trying to implement these maxims for as many of our products as possible, while at the same time meeting our high-quality standards. Because plastic is light and easy to recycle, we use this material for many of our products - and count on you to always dispose of our packaging properly so that it can be returned to the cycle.

It's the inner values that count

Our packaging credo is keep it simple! We do not use heavy, expensive jars and bottles that are mainly visually appealing on the drugstore shelf. Instead, we concentrate on packing the highest quality ingredients into safe, lightweight and user-friendly containers - and save on transport weight on the side.